We introduce ourselves as one of the leading Security Agency of the country Tiger Top Guards. We are in this line since 2014 and spread our business almost all over Mumbai. During this long period we have gain vast experience and providing excellent security services to all our clients. We provide security arrangements for factory premises/Industrial Areas/ God owns Offices/Residential Colonies/ Colleges/ Hospitals/Open Plots/Hotels Construction sites etc.

We also undertake intelligence/Detection/Investigation work of the company and inform the Management at the appropriate time before occurring any eventualities. We have cultivated and maintained useful contract law enforcement authorities.

Our Services
  • We provide smart uniform and other accessories including seasonal outfits requited for efficient performance of the duties to our security/fire personnel.
  • Our Security/fire personnel will be trained, experienced and well disciplined in performing their duties.
  • We will provide complete safety and security of the material inside the premises allotted to us for watch and ward duties round the clock.

In conclusion, we would like to state that it should be our earnest endeavor to give you entire satisfaction. We hope you will find our offer suitable to your requirement and shall give us an opportunity to serve you with the best of our ability and extra ordinary services.

We have large number of Security Personal consisting of Ex-servicemen, Ex-home guards and our own trained civilians. We have system under which character and antecedence are also checked to know the family ground and they are also refrained from joining from any union or having any affiliation to any political party during the tenure of their employment with us